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sfpv is a clang based static analysis tool to verify that functions have some listed property through the use of annotations and a basic deduction system. The primary goal of this program is to show realtime safety bugs in audio software, though it should eventually grow to be much more general than this.



Verbose mode; This option provides a large amount of diagnostic information.


Prints the version of the program and exits


Prints the help text and exits

-W File

Accepts a whitelist file of functions that should be assumed safe by sfpv. The whitelist file consists of a series of function names delimited by any whitespace. Note that only one whitelist file may be provided for each invocation.

-C Options

Accepts clang options directly in the form of a string containing clang arguments delimited by spaces. Note that only one Option string can be provided per each invocation.


Please report any bugs to the bugtracker


sfpv was written by Mark McCurry.