Code, Music, and more

This site is the home of fundamental

Audio Synthesis Work:

ZynAddSubFX - A C++ musical software synthesizer (home page) (github)
Zyn-Fusion/mruby-zest - A new user interface and GUI toolkit for interacting with the ZynAddSubFX sound synthesis engine (home page)
librtosc - A realtime safe Open Sound Control implementation in C/C++ (home page) (github) (wip tutorial)
oscprompt - interactive OSC sending/receiving terminal UI (github)
Stoat - Static (LLVM) Object Analysis Tool used for analyzing programs for realtime safety hazards (github) (tutorial)
schemo - Testbed synth for usibility/interaction experiments (home page) (github)

Julia Packages:

OSC.jl - An Open Sound Control implementation (github)
TotalVariation.jl - An implemtation of the total variation denoising algorithm (github)
LCA.jl - An implementation of the locally competitive sparse approximation algorithm (github)
Curvelet.jl - An implementation of the uniform descrite curvelet transform (github)


Profiling MRuby - MRuby is a lightweight implementation of ruby which makes embedding easy. Profiling a mixed C/Ruby codebase however has its difficulties. (article)
Linux Audio Community Analysis - a three part analysis on community size and dynamics. (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)
C++ Math Templates - Expression Templates and Vector Math In C++ (article)
Grainy Noise Synthesis - Grainy noise can be generated in both analog hardware and digital domains. (article)


fs-tickets - A command line tool for modifying fossil-scm tickets/issues